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Author, Speaker, Empowerment Coach, Radio Talk Show Host, Single Mom, Loves Dogs!

Being well known for her determination, compassion, and sense of humor, Rustie has used these skills to recreate her life after a messy divorce, abuse, and severe poverty. She is deeply devoted to motherhood and her work to inspire others. Drawing and speaking from her life experiences, including dealing with incompetent legal systems that have had negative effects in her and her daughter’s lives, she offers a series of talks that help inspire, motivate, and challenge her audience to start Living & Thriving. She believes that lack is not meant to be a part of anyone’s destiny. It is also one of Rustie’s hopes to reignite the spark within and help people take just ONE MORE STEP forward and to not give up.

Having been interviewed over 300 times internationally, with 6 published books, Rustie has recently been invited to be a Featured Author on She also was featured as a SEMI-FINALIST on FunkyThinkers! She is currently working to develop a self-help series on surviving poverty. This is a dream of hers and Rustie is both thrilled and humbled to work with folks all over the world, in every walk of life, to live and thrive. Currently hosting mini-interviews on her YouTube Channel, Rustie works effortlessly to inspire, motivate, and excite people to become and remain as positive as they can during this pandemic. Rustie is putting a panel of experts together to discuss “The complexity of Poverty”

Due to be published around Christmas, 2024, Rustie’s latest book” The Truth about Poverty” is her personal story about fighting severe poverty throughout most of her life. She is in great hopes this story will engage her readers to do something to help create change in, and for, a very changeable situation. Rustie is also working on 4 more mini books in her new Self Discovery Series.

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