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A Narcs Love

There was once  Nymph called Echo who fell in love with a Boy named Narcissus. Narcissus never returned any affections to anyone other than himself. Nemesis cursed Narcissus with only having the ability to love himself. So, one-day Narcissus saw his reflection in a pond and immediately fell in love with himself. He died staring at his …

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1 Thousand Mirrors

Reflection is not just about remembering past moments. Reflection is in effect with every moment and breath. We are constantly in a reflection of actions and experiences. Reflection is the honesty of what we offer from our authentic selves. Our truths behind our non-truths vibrate through the masks we wear. We muddle through our days …

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9 years passed

The time has flown and all I can do is think about getting home and figuring out our housing. I am so close to buying again and yet far enough that we will have to consider a long term rental. This process hasn’t been easy but frankly? What has been? 9 years ago we set …

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Every Moment counts

Moments I lay here listening to the latest national tragedy. I scroll through my social media to see a number of Amber alerts, funerals, car accidents, divorces, weddings, births, folks struggling with depression, others just struggling, various campaigns for ANTI something or another, and I wonder. Is THIS life? Is THIS living? My neighbor is …

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Podcast Jumpstart™

Do you love talking about your area of expertise or passions? Do you currently share your wisdom through books, websites, or social media? Have you ever considered hosting your own podcast? Podcasts, if you’re not certain, are like radio shows that people subscribe to and download directly to the device of their choice for listening …

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The Rusted Can

The Rusted Can What an adventure! What a RIDE. What a gift!! Life is amazing. Its a series of circumstances that we try so hard to plan but are not able to control what details lie within. The Universe takes us for a ride. Driving us through our moments. Our days are filled with a part …

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