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2020, WHATs Happening in LTR?

2020 has been a hell of a ride so far and it doesn’t look like it will be easing up too soon!

I wanted to touch base briefly; to let you all know what is going on in the Living and Thriving world. I do not send out newsletters very often as I get hit with several a day and at times, its simply too much. So, I send one a quarter in hopes that you have a moment to read the latest. I have taken July “off” to finish some writing, mediation, selfcare, and regroup. For 21 days, I was totally off!!

Goals are met so far and yet, I know I can do more! I have a 200+ email I have to weed through and that will begin on Monday!

Next week I begin to schedule the next wave of interviews so if you have interest and fit into the LTR categories, reply! 

My main goal is to eventually take LTR out on the road and travel to meet folks face to face. To experience the beauty of this world and share it with you. Yes, I know there are more famous people doing something similar but thats why I need to do this. I need to show that the very fabric of this world are everyday people, like you and me. SO, one day Ill have my RV and updated equipment, a tank of gas, and a map to….? Yes. That is the bigger picture.

Whats new in LTR? 

1. Youtube Videos! I “Travel” around the world during a pandemic and a lot of technical difficulties, meeting amazing folks not only on radio BUT on Youtube!! Check out Michelle Bloods interview! She has an amazing journey to share!

2. My BTR station is still doing well. The algorithms are never right and I eventually will migrate over to a system that I can get better audience numbers! The show says that we are at 56K BUT adding up the numbers from each country leaves us with well over 300K. That is a LARGE Difference and transparency is not there with BTR.

3.  My account is sluggish at best. A substantial amount of people do not want to pay a membership to read blogs and so I am doing well but could be growing faster without the paid feature.  

4. I have written 4 EBOOKS and am looking for unique ways to get them online. Super excited about that exploration.

5. I am writing my plan, making it public for what I will be focused on when I run for Office. This not only is transparency at its finest but also a call for volunteers to make this all happen!

6. I am also speaking and teaching all over the place! Feel free to follow me on my various social media for UPDATES!!

That is pretty much it in the LTR world. I am committed to growing this community and I am driven to shine every light where I go.

In Love & Light,


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