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1 Thousand Mirrors

Reflection is not just about remembering past moments. Reflection is in effect with every moment and breath. We are constantly in a reflection of actions and experiences.

Reflection is the honesty of what we offer from our authentic selves. Our truths behind our non-truths vibrate through the masks we wear. We muddle through our days and most of the day we were our various masks just to get through. Even through the mask, we leave behind a reflection of our selves. We are terrifically unhappy about most of our life and on constant wonder how to improve, change, and do better. We are deeply insecure and faithfully willing to accept the negative thoughts that float around in our heads. We, as a species, are deliciously human and fascinatingly flawed. 

Every action that we take, every breath, every move, and every decision is a reflection. It’s way more complicated if one were to truly think about it. See, our actions are not only a reflection of ourselves BUT a reflection of those around us, a reflection of our experiences, of our emotions, and of our perceptions.

Of course, our memories are altered as we filter through our perceptions of the event. We dodge details to either avoid or to enhance the memories. Whereas the others involved will have a different memory based on their perceptions of the exact same situation. This is the blessing and a curse of being human.



Ego driven.

As you go through your journey of a thousand “Mirrors”, remember that reflection is as necessary as breath as you are in a constant state of putting out what you get and getting what you put out.

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