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Steps towards Success

I broke up with Hurry and now lay in bed with Gratitude

I wake up every morning and remind myself of the value of each feeling, smell, thoughts, and how my body feels. I enjoy laying in bed reviewing the sounds I hear, smelling the bay air leaving, and watching the fog lift. I believe that  in order to have a successful day, one needs to appreciate how it starts. There is a lot to be said about gratitude and I practice with intensity every day. I believe that each day is a gift not to be taken for granted and it is my duty to acknowledge all that I am grateful for. I make my gratitude list every morning and I know that in that I have filled my world with a power that is not often offered. See, I make my list public as it not only thanks, those in my life for being here, but it also allows others to be inspired to do the same.  

Appreciation is the largest flattery to give anyone.

I say my peace and let it go to become whatever it is destined to be. I move on through my day taking moments that allow me to breathe and see things I otherwise would not even notice if I didn’t make myself stop. I love dragonflies and butterflies. Every opportunity I get to observe one is a magical moment for me. I am very confident that when a dragonfly knows it’s being watched, it dances for you. I hear with intensity all the animal sounds, the sounds of the pipes, the tone of people’s voices, the simplicity of cars passing by.  

I focus on taking short steps and deep breaths. There is never a need to hurry and there is no excuse for being late. Time is a gift but being smart about how to manage it is tricky. Distractions are all around us and we are easily torn between this thing and that one. Take deep breaths and focus on the path you are walking. Observe what you can and take in each moment with curiosity. This practice becomes easier as you stay on course. Each day is a new day and a new gift.

Appreciate it.

I know you are wondering what this all has to do with the best business practices but think about it. Focusing on listening and finding appreciation around you are key factors in being successful.

As a leader, one must accumulate all the tools needed to provide them with the most successful outcome. Yes, breathing in joy, taking risks, and failing are all apart of success. Determination and tenacity and the willingness to climb out of the trenches allow you the ability to create and renew your brand. If you can practice in your personal life the same skills that are required to be successful in your business life, you will find that you are whole, authentic and overall the work-life balance will be a natural part of your day.

We are humans and we are deeply flawed but in those flaws, we have this amazing ability to hope, to dream, to want, to desire, and to find a way to reach those goals. Yes, we will stumble and that’s ok. Its how you start your day that will determine whether you will have the energy or will to get back up and continue. If you can listen intently, be appreciative of what has already come to pass, and acknowledge what got you there, you are already successful.

 Rustie is a multi-Book Author & International Radio Talk Show Host, who speaks on Abuse, Poverty, Rape, & how she has found happiness. Come hear her harrowing story and let her inspire you.

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