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Podcast Jumpstart™

Do you love talking about your area of expertise or passions?

Do you currently share your wisdom through books, websites, or social media?

Have you ever considered hosting your own podcast?

Podcasts, if you’re not certain, are like radio shows that people subscribe to and download directly to the device of their choice for listening at their convenience.

It’s a HUGE industry, and for subject matter experts like you, it’s an amazing way to reach new people and grow your business.

But there IS a technical side to it that slows some people down. Most people find the process of getting podcasts “published” to be confusing or overwhelming. After all, this is a good bit you have to have in place to make the process easy and worth your time.

If you’ve put aside the idea of a podcast because of all the unanswered questions you have, take a second to check out Podcast Jumpstart™:

These folks take the entire process of publishing your podcast, off your plate. So you can focus on creating great content. “Getting it out there” is what Podcast Jumpstart™t will do for you.

But that’s only one part of their service which also includes consulting about the direction of your podcast (if you’re not already clear), marketing strategies, voice-over production services, and more.

It’s a true “done-for-you” podcast publishing service.

There more, and you can check it out here:

When you launch your podcast with them, let me know so I can subscribe! I’d love to hear it!

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