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The Rusted Can

The Rusted Can

What an adventure! What a RIDE. What a gift!! Life is amazing. Its a series of circumstances that we try so hard to plan but are not able to control what details lie within. The Universe takes us for a ride. Driving us through our moments. Our days are filled with a part of what we ask for. What we need. What we state. What we imagine the day is to be but the details are all in what the Universe unfolds.

My days are often filled with twists, turns and unexpected moments. For this? I am grateful as I get to make a choice as to how I react. How I act. How I am to interact in these situations.

I stopped into a metaphysical store to browse. The store’s Dog decided to take a liking to me. We played. I gave him belly rubs. The Shop owner shared the dog’s story of being born during Irma in Peurto Rico and abandoned. She rescued him and he was never known to be as attentive to anyone who came to the store before. He simply loved me and I sat on the floor with him. When it was time, I went on my way. The dog was happy. I was happier to have made his belly rubbing day.

Recently, Chloe and I were cruising down the high way when a rusted tin can with 4 feet ran randomly. scared, and without direction towards us on the highway. I stopped and chased after the little bugger. I am still not sure WHAT it was. I took off my overshirt and lassoed it while another “onlooker” stopped to help pull off the can. The little dude ran off. He was so scared and yet he was now FREE.


The night before? I sat at my watering hole and a regular popped in. He is extremely smart but a major alcoholic. I enjoy his conversation so he sat next to me. I noticed that he has lost a dramatic amount of weight in the 6 weeks I have been here and he had the shakes. He ordered his beer, and I held his hand. His hands were covered in Iodine. He just got his new colostomy bags. Evidently, the order came in late. I checked his bag, he was clearly blocked. I washed his hands and we chatted. He enjoyed his beer & I bought his real food. Then I went on my way.

The day before, I was at a pharmacy to pick up a thank you gift for a friend and a fella didn’t have enough to buy his needs. I happened to have an extra 10$ and gave it to him. It covered his order. He gave me a few hugs and went on his way. The next day an acquaintance offered to rent me a wonderful, rustic cabin out in the middle of nowhere. I slept like a baby. How grateful am I for that twist? That turn?

Eventually, we will drive back to Florida and we both are so ready. Chloe’s friends are begging her to do things and well? The pups and I are simply ready to be in a stable environment. I am working hard to earn $5000.00 for a down payment on a house and I know that will come when the Universe is ready.

But for today?

We sit back and appreciate that we no longer have a Rusted Can on our heads. That, we too, are free. We are in no obligation to anyone or anything. We are healing from years of trauma and finding out who we have become in all of it. We do what we can and how we can. We are not idle folks and by far not rich with money. We are rich in heart and soul.

That is what a true millionaire is, you know.

Until next time………


I write pieces of my 43-years journey circling this planet. Some are past and some present. The time is not relevant.

It’s the story of healing, hope, transformation, and my overall determination not to give up.


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