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Stretching in the Shit

There is a beautiful place in between growth and pain. Its when you stretch and roll your head back straightening out your shoulders. It’s that place in which you come to terms with what has been and what will never be. It is not a bad place maybe at times melancholy. Your soul stretches a little. You have further to go and yet you are breaking right here. Its a place where your mind is realizing the vastness of the Universe and how far your mind can really go.

The never-ending supply of creative juices that can flow if you only let open the flood gates. This way and that. Oh, my! How far up and down I go? My mind a wondering labyrinth of sadness, beauty and sex appeal. Ah! Maybe your fears try to keep the gates closed or your family stifles you with indignant remarks as to how you should be more responsible with your creativity and they want you to… or you should do…. or this is WHAT I LIKE ( my favorite of all the clues that they are not rooting for you. They are rooting for their version of you.)

The Universe is unfathomably large. I can’t imagine what the end of infinite would actually be? Is that even possible? Why not? My birth was an impossible possibility. My very existence was a mistake turned real far faster then the lovers wanted to see. One ran for the hills faster then a hillbilly could load a shotgun. I love the knowledge that I was only a blip on the ultrasound and now as I grow more aware of the cosmic world, I am merely a very small dust spec on the Universe’s Dashboard. The Universe is driving smoking a joint, cruising our lives with such a joking love. Cruising in and out throwing out our life lessons like parade candy.

Throughout our living journey, we try to catch this candy and throw it back. “Fuck you! This isn’t for me!” We scream back.

We want to throw the lesson back and ask for a fucking do over and yet? The Universe is rolling another joint, laughing down the highway of infinite possibilities as we sit soured from our not so fun experience. Our mental landscape gets puddle with the shit we don’t want, the shit that totally sucked, and our fears of getting what we DO want. We spend a lot of time trudging through our shit. Making up new shit. Flinging even more shit and wondering where the fuck did all this shit actually come from.

And then it happens. We finally just sit down in our own shit. We take off our nasty ass gloves. We see that we are just covered in our own shit. And the Universe cruises by, high and laughing. However? This time we see the fucking bus the Universe is driving. And we begin to laugh. Why? No, we didn’t lose our shit as we sitting smack dab in the middle of it. This is the time in which we realize that we could have asked the Universe to Drive us instead of walking in our own shit. Too easy right?

Too obvious, uh? Yeah. It’s taken me some time, I admit.

Now? “Shower time”….

So, now we are at a Universal impasse and get part of the joke. Opinions? Mean nothing. Clothing styles, and party favors? Matters why? Pitiful little things like flat tires, overdue bills, stupid political divides, and life’s human moments?

All will pass. It’s not HUMAN fast enough but its Universally sealed that ALL will PASS.

The funniest part about this joke? We have been TOLD a million times not to sweat this shit.

And somehow? We still do…….

Until next time……………..


I write pieces of my 43-years journey circling this planet. Some are past and some present. The time is not relevant.

It’s the story of healing, hope, transformation, and my overall determination not to give up.


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