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The Fast Lane

Life has a delicious way of reminding you how mortal you really are. The ups and downs, ins and outs are all a fantastic roller coaster ride. The Universe of course is in control. Someone once told me that you can’t get off the ride so you might as well raise your hands and scream. I believe that at this point? My hands are in the air. I am actually allowing my eyes to remain open as fear no longer serves me.

It’s been wild. One day I am on top of the world, the next I am homeless without hope. I get back on my feet only to have someone pull the rug out from under me and POOF! Homeless again. After all of that emotional carnage, I am invited to speak all over the world on various shows about what it is like to be bottoms up. I am invited to co-author in several books and I end up hosting my own radio show. Then we start to get back on our feet, and POOF! Health issues raise its ugly head, and a downward spiral as people don’t always understand how feeling ill is.

BUT we are on this ride, buckled in and ZOOMING!

There is a beauty to the darkness that tries to obscure the light within. We have both. Good & Bad. Light & Dark. This is no secret. The beauty is how to appreciate the darkness in you. There is no human way that you can ride on this life Roller Coaster and not have dark space. Life is a series of short stories of which you are co creator. The loneliness of this path is only the time it takes to get from one point to the other. The battle and scars are the times when you had major impact on your ride. Those scars are reminders of what has passed. The lessons have come and gone and you keep going.

I keep going. One foot in front of the other. Sometimes, my feet dance and other times, they march. It simply does not matter how they move, just that they move. One day all shit and hell breaks loose and the next? A TV Producer wants to collaborate with you. The state owes YOU money and you get paid for doing what you love.

This is the FAST lane and baby, lets ride.

Until Next Time…….


I write pieces of my 43-year journey circling this planet. Some are past and some present. The time is not relevant. It’s the story of healing, hope, transformation, and my overall determination not to give up.


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